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Misalkan dalam tubuh tulisan kita mengutip penyataan petinju Michael Douglas dalam video postingan Sweetfight dari ini. Begini paragraf tulisan kita:

Achievement as gift has escaped so far from researchers’ attention, while in fact, there are many occurrences where one’s achievement is devoted to the beloved ones.  For example, as shown by Sweetfights (2015), in an interview shortly after took heavy weight championship from  Mike Tyson,  James  Douglas  said:  “… Dad, this is for you. I love you …” (1:06:11).

Ini video yang dikutip itu:

Maka cara membuat daftar pustakanya adalah:

Douglas, J. (2013). “… Dad, this is for you. I love you …” (1:06:11). Dalam Sweetfight. (2013). Mike Tyson KO’d knocked out  by   James   Buster   Douglas   KO [Video Youtube].   Diakses melalui &spfreload=10, 30 September 2017.

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